Changing your GoDesk URL
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To whitelabel your GoDesk URL (also known as adding a CNAME) follow these steps:

Add the CNAME:

  1. Sign in to your domain registrar's control panel.
  2. Find the option to change DNS records.

    The option might be called something such as DNS Management, Name Server Management, or Advanced Settings.

  3. Locate the CNAME records for your domain.

    A CNAME record, or Canonical Name record, is a type of alias used by the Domain Name System (DNS). Among other things, you can use a CNAME record to make a subdomain an alias of an external website (see CNAME records on Wikipedia).

  4. Do one of the following:
    • If you don't have a CNAME record for your subdomain yet, look for an option to add a new record.
    • If you already have a CNAME record for your subdomain, look for an option to edit the record.
  5. Point the CNAME record from your subdomain to your GoDesk subdomain.

Let GoDesk know:

Drop us an email at [email protected] or use the 'Contact Support' button. Let us know the URL you decided to use and we will activate it on the GoDesk server.

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